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Wed February 22, 2017 - Phoenixville Nighttime Dog Ride.
Level B-, 13.5-14.5 mph, 30-38 miles. Meet at Reynolds Dog Park, Longford Rd, Oaks, PA. The ride leaves at 6:30 pm. The Phoenixville nighttime dog rides continue until daylight savings time begins. Come join us for beautiful rides on low-traffic roads A strong headlight and taillight are required. No one dropped, regroup as necessary, but please be prepared to ride the advertised pace on rolling to hilly terrain. Cue sheets will not be available. The on-line route map is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18094160
Leader: Rick Christie, 610-787-1985             

Thu February 23, 2017 - Morning Flight to the Airport (ad-hoc ride) .
Level B+, 17+ mph, 23 miles. Meet at Meet at South St Bridge at top of trail ramp, or 40th St trolley portal (north side of Woodland Ave on the sidewalk).. The ride leaves at 6:00 am. A fast and flat sprint to the airport and back. Two starts, 6am at the top of the trail ramp and the South St Bridge, 6:10am at the 40th St trolley portal. Half this ride is flat as, well, an airport, and out of any traffic. When we're flat let's pace and get the speed up, then play it safe on the ride back. Leave time is important so that we're back before the morning rush and in time to be productive in our days. ******This ride will start just at dawn; a 200+ lumen front light and at least one rear flasher are required for everyone's safety****** Riders averaging 17mph (sprints 22+) will not be dropped. >20% rain cancels, >10mph cancels, <45F cancels. Cue sheets will not be available. The on-line route map is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17933004
Leader: Ryan Sullivan, 412-254-3676