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Rides are listed here based on date and time on a month-by-month basis. The ride list can also be searched based on date, ride leader, etc., by following this link. BCP offers many regularly scheduled weekly rides. Follow this link to view the Weekly Ride List for more detailed information regarding these rides than the minimal description provided in the Monthly Ride Calendar below. Occasionally, ad-hoc rides are announced. These rides are sent by email to all members of the BCP email list. To join this list, click here. Information about some of our popular starting locations is available on our Ride Guide page which is found under the rides menu item.

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Fri April 28, 2017 - Friday Frolic w/Linda. For 4/28: Easy Ride from Valley Forge to Exton via Chester Valley Trail.
Level B-/C+, 13-15 mph, 35 miles. Meet at Valley Forge National Park - rear parking lot behind Visitors Center on County Line Rd, off Route 23. The ride leaves at 9:30 am. For April 28: Easy route from Valley Forge to Exton on the flat Chester Valley Trail, with a snack break at the half-way point at Starbucks. Depending on the group, we can return via roads instead of the trail. Leader has to be back by early afternoon, in order to assist at the Face of America event ride this weekend. (Face of America leaves from Valley Forge.) GENERIC DESCRIPTION: Scenic adventures by bike on most Fridays, throughout the year. Explore pretty, peaceful roads in suburban counties -- Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, etc. Starting points will vary, so that we can cycle through different regions. Please check the daily calendar for details of each Friday's route -- terrain, mileage, rest stops, etc. Cue sheets and on-line route map will be provided for each ride. Scheduled for virtually every Friday throughout the year, with a few exceptions here & there. If weather conditions are not conducive to cycling, this ride may be replaced by a hike/walk (on foot). As long as we are enjoying outdoor physical exercise, and Mother Nature, in the company of friends, we'll have a memorable outing. Cue sheets will not be available. The on-line route map is
Leader: Linda McGrane, 267-251-7862             

Sat April 29, 2017 - CANCELLED Main Line Cycles Brisk Ride.
Level A-, 16-17 mph, 40-55 miles. Meet at Main Line Cycles front of shop 919 Montgomery Ave. The ride leaves at 8:05 am. On 4/29/17, we're heaed to the Fleche Buffoon ride in New Hope instead our regualr ride. (This one is cancelled on 4/29: Great roads with low traffic. We have a few routes that bring us out around or through Ridley Creek State Park. Average speed will be 16-17 mph, but note that these routes include over 4000' of climbing. Bring a snack for a brief mid-ride break. Consider the on-line routes approximate. Leave by 8:05 AM. Rain cancels.) Cue sheets will not be available. The on-line route map is
Leaders: Jeff Diacik, 215-783-8537  Derek Barnes, 610-246-3917 and Shahar Shiff, 215-776-3963            

Sat April 29, 2017 - Tim's Saturday Morning Ride.
Level D, 9-15 mph, 35 miles. Meet at Azalea Garden's formal entrance, behind the Art Museum. The ride leaves at 9:00 am. A D ride that is longer and hillier. Bring Helmet, water, extra tube, and $ for mid ride snack. We will regroup at the top of hills. No one dropped. It is optional, but you may preregister until Friday, April 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm.
Leader: George L. Yarnell, 610-626-3338 . Optionally Preregister.  ?            

Sat April 29, 2017 - Toss of the dice - North Wales.
Level C+, 13-14.5 mph, 50 miles. Meet at Italian Fountain behind the Art Museum. The ride leaves at 9:15 am. Friendly C+ ride. Today we're off to Whole Foods, North Wales. Bring money or food for lunch. YOU MUST CARRY A SPARE TUBE. Nobody is dropped. Ride may be cancelled up to 1 hour prior to departure time. If you are driving to the Art Museum for this ride, remember that many roads are closed. This will not affect the ride itself. Cue sheets will be available. The on-line route map is It is optional, but you may preregister until Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 8:00 am.
Leader: Simon Knight,  . Optionally Preregister.  ?            

Sun April 30, 2017 - Kayuh Pedalers: Spring (m-a-m) Rides.
Level C, 15 20 mph, 40 miles. Meet at Kayuh Bicycle and Cafe, 19th and W Girard Ave . The ride leaves at 8:00 am. The 3rd training ride. This ride will be to the south end of the Pennypack Trail, by the Philadelphia prisons, to the top of the trail, then over to Tacony Creek Park trail to the south end, Ramona Gateway, then home.Distance and time in saddle may will be updated. Watch this posting for more specific details in the next weeks. 18 years and older. Contact email below or, for more details. It is optional, but you may preregister until Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 2:00 pm.
Leader: Thomas Haney, 267-259-5231 . Optionally Preregister.  ?            

Sun April 30, 2017 - Sunny Sunday Afternoon D Ride.
Level D, 10-12 mph, 16-20 miles. Meet at Azalea Garden's formal entrance, behind the Art Museum. The ride leaves at 12:00 pm. Shake off the winter rust ride for those new to group riding or seeking to improve fitness. Route is generally in the Fairmount Park area. Ride will regroup as needed and no one is left behind. You will need a helmet, tube for your tire, a snack and water. Adverse weather (low temp, rain or snow) cancels, but check with the ride leader if in question. Cue sheets will not be available.
Leader: Dennis M. Schilling, 215-677-0291             

Sun April 30, 2017 - Sunny Sunday C Spinoff .
Level C, 11-12 ish mph. Meet at Italian Fountain behind the Art Museum. The ride leaves at 12:15 pm. A true C ride that cheerfully waits to regroup. Usually 25-35 miles, usually with a lunch or snack stop. Meet at the Italian Fountain, near the parking garage sign.
Leader: Michael J Olszewski, 215-932-8586             

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