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Odell Ride Sept 3, Scenic Schuylkill Century Sept 10, Fall Event Oct 27-29

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Welcome Ride Leaders. You are the heart and soul of BCP. We couldn’t exist without you. So thank you and we ask you to read this important information before leading a ride.

Ride Submission Process
It’s easy to submit a ride to BCP. You must be a BCP member. All you have to do is hit this Submit Links button and follow the directions.

Ad Hoc / Add-On Rides You will use the same ride submission process above. Ad hoc rides will also be posted to the ''.

Ride Coordinators Ride Coordinators monitor the ride submissions in their category, try to fill in the ride slots each month, and can be a valuable resource to ride leaders. If you have questions, please contact one of them:

Choose riding level: (The ride levels below are links to the ride submission form.)

Abuse of Ride Submission Process If a member abuses the automatic ride submission process by putting inappropriate items or words in the listing, the submitter of the ride will receive one warning and if it reoccurs, membership privileges can be revoked.

Riding Levels Pick the proper ride level for your ride. Take into account type of terrain and distance. Click here to view more information on the riding levels.

Sign-In Sheet Each person on the ride must sign in and agree to the waiver. Click here to download a sign-up sheet in Adobe Acrobat.pdf format.

Ride Leader HandbookThis Ride Leader Training Course, written by BCP's Ride Coordinator Howard Wiener, is especially useful for first time ride leaders and has more in dept information about leading a ride. Click here for the 2012 Ride Leader Handbook

Ride Leader Checklist

Things to Bring:

Outline for Pre-Ride Introduction: Special tips for "D" Ride Leaders (Review the following w/riders)
  1. How to adjust QR levers correctly
  2. The correct tire pressure (eyeball riders' bikes, squeeze their tires)
  3. Simple safety tips:
    1. Watch for parked car doors opening
    2. Watch for cars passing, then turning right
    3. Don't ride in a driver's blind spot
    4. Any other safety tips
  4. Adjustment of their helmets
  5. Quickly check riders' brakes (are they adjusted?)
  6. Whether they are properly dressed, given the conditions
  7. Use of bright clothing & reflectorized materials
  8. Gear shifting (how and when to do it)

What To Do In Case of a Serious Accident on a Group Ride

Although we all try to ride safely, accidents will happen. If you are the ride leader, please follow this coordinated emergency response, which should cover all the essentials. Ideally there will be 4 people, each prepared to take on one of the following roles so they can be done simultaneously. Otherwise, some may have to be done in sequence. You should take control and assign tasks.

  1. Crowd Control. Get other riders and bicycles out of the road and away from the victim.
  2. Protect victim from traffic. if victim is on the road. If possible to do so without risking your own safety, position yourself between the victim and oncoming traffic. Direct traffic around the victim. You can use your bike as a barrier to make yourself more visible.
  3. Call 911. The most important information is location. Try to provide name of town as well as cross streets. If possible, give information about what happened and condition of the victim(s).
  4. Attend to the victim. If there is anyone who knows CPR or has more advanced training, they should take this role. If you don’t have any training, just keep the victim from further harm:
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