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This is the BCP Cue Sheet Library, a collection of cue sheets and maps collected or created by the members of The Bicycle Club of Philadelphia. You can search the library for a cue sheet and then print it out. You can also add cue sheets to the library. These are the menu items and what each allows you to do:

Start Page: Brings you to this page. It is where you start working in the cue sheet library.

Listing: Displays a list of all the cue sheets in the library and some information about each cue sheet.

Search: Allows you to search the library for cue sheets based on various criteria.

Submit a Cue: Allows you to submit a cue sheet to the library.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions and their answers about the cue sheet library.



There are also some collections of cue sheets which were developed by individuals. One collection was developed by Jeff Bakely and it can be reached at this link. The other collection was developed by Myra VanInWegen and it can be reached at this link.

If you encounter a problem or find a mistake in a cue sheet, contact Jeff Bakely at or 215-843-1093.

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