Ride Comments
P. Gregory Scibilia 2021-11-13 15:20
My wife, Dena K. Scibilia, preregistered for the Wissahickon Hike. I tried to preregister, but even though I'm on the member list, I'm unable to preregister. Also, we would like to bring our daughter and her family (Stephanie, Chris and 2 boys, Cato (6) and Bain (4). Would we be able to bring them? We would gladly pay for any cost for them to participate. Dena sent an email to hike leader, but haven't heard back from him. Thank you and appreciate any further information re preregistering me and, of course, permitting my children to attend event. Thanks.
Daniel 2021-11-13 15:56
Hi P. Gregory, Preregistration uses a cookie stored in the web browser. Only one person can setup an account per browser (ie. Chrome,Firefox) and it's not tied to club membership. My Recommendation is to preregister using a different device/browser than wife. If still having trouble you can send a message to . BCP webmaster