Information for BCP members

This site is intended to provide information to the bicycling community. As a member of BCP you can contribute to the information available at the site. It is important that you not abuse this privilege by doing things that are disruptive. Do not use language that is offensive. Do not use the site to advertise your personal business or your favorite charity. Do not provide information which is false or misleading. In general, remember that this site represents the Club and in some way it represents you as a member of the Club. If it is determined that you as a member of the club have been abusive to the web site, then you will first be warned and if you fail to heed the warning your privileges as a member can be revoked.

The Bicycle Club of Philadelphia reserves the right to police the conduct of its members in using this website and, in its sole discretion, revoke the privileges of any member who abuses this website. The list of examples just given is not all inclusive, but is meant to illustrate some of the abusive conduct that has plagued other websites and the Internet in general.

on Friday April 07

As a member of BCP you should be able to log in at this site. In general the email address provided to the club acts as your username and you should be provided an initial password. The link to log in to the site is normally found in the upper left next to BCP logo. Once you have logged in, you should find a link at bottom right corner which will allow you to go to the control panel and edit your profile, add household family members or change your password. As a logged in member you have additional privileges at the site. These include:

  • Adding a ride to the ride calendar
  • Manage your rides from leader board
  • Adding an event to the event calendar
  • Adding a link to the biking links
  • Viewing the Quick Release on-line
  • Viewing the membership directory.
  • Paying your annual dues on-line.

When you log in to the control panel, you can modify information about you. This information includes the usual items such as name and phone but also includes some optional items such as your volunteer interests, how you would like to view the ride calendar, and your willingness to be listed in the on-line Members Directory. By default, members are not listed in the on-line Members Directory but it is useful to have more members listed in that directory. Please consider changing your option so that you are listed in the directory.

If you are one person in a household membership, each person in the household should have her/his own log in privileges at the site. Only one person in each household is given an initial password but additional persons may be added to a household membership using a link available in control panel menu. Each member of a household having her/his own log in privilege also means that each member of the household is listed by her/his own name when leading a ride, being listed in the Members Directory, indicating volunteer interests etc. It also means that each person is responsible for her/his actions while logged in at the site.

on Friday April 07
  • Make sure you can log in using the password provided. If the password does not seem to be working for you, you may want to try using the link for a forgotten password.
  • Once you have logged in at the site, change your password to one that you can remember. The link to do this is the key icon located at bottom right of the screen.
  • Go to the gears icon on bottom right to enter "Control Panel". From there, select "Edit Profile" and update the information that is there. The gender and riding level information may not be correct because this was not stored in the old database. There is room for three telephone numbers. Be sure to include the one you would want people to use. If there is information about yourself as a member of BCP that you are willing to share please take the time to provide it in the "About" area.
  • Similarly in the Control Panel, select "Edit Options." There are five options that you can modify and you can also indicate volunteer preferences. The phone number you indicate as your preference is the one that will be displayed when you lead a ride and in the on-line Membership Directory. Because we did not want to intrude on people's privacy, members must opt to be listed in the on-line Membership Directory. Only members can view this directory and only minimal information about the members is available in this directory. It would be nice if a large percentage of the membership would allow their information to be displayed in the directory. As you know a club such as BCP depends on volunteer support. Again, this was information that was difficult to transfer from the earlier database and so it may not reflect information you previously provided. Please take a few minutes to indicate areas where you may be willing to help the club with your volunteer Activity.
  • If there are other members of your household who share your membership, add them to the members list
on Friday April 07

Ride Leaders can make ride submissions to the website anytime of the month (but by the 12th of the month to be listed in the QR) and they will automatically be posted on the website. This also applies to "Ad Hoc/Add On" rides. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your user name and password.
  2. Click the "Ride" menu item on the Home page and a drop down menu will appear.
  3. Click "Submit a Ride".
  4. Follow the prompts for each section.
  5. When you select the ride leader from the menu, the leaders telephone number and email address will automatically be input from the data base. You do not have to add this information.
  6. Click "Submit".
  7. Verify that your ride is listed correctly by going to the ride calendar.
  8. Click the "edit" button to make changes or correct mistakes.
  9. A confirming email is automatically sent to the Ride Coordinator.

If your ride is not listed, you probably made a mistake. A very common error is to forget to select your name from the list of ride leaders. Entering the wrong date is also a common error.

on Friday April 07

Each month a recurring ride must be entered as though it were a one-time ride. But you do not have to retype the entire listing every month. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go back to the previous month and select the recurring ride(s) you want to list in the current month.
  2. Edit the ride with the new date and any other info that has changed.
  3. Be sure to Save as New.

Note that both individual rides and recurring rides must be listed via the web site by noon on the twelfth of the month in orider to ensure that they make it into the monthly Quick Release ride calendar.

on Friday April 07
  1. Log onto the BCP website,
  2. Go to the ride to be cancelled and double click on edit button to cancel directly from ride calendar or click once to cancel from ride edit page,
  3. Toward the top left, on ride edit page, click on "cancel this ride."

This will automatically do two things:

  1. Populate the word CANCELLED in the ride title (so it is bold and one of the first things one will see), AND
  2. Send a message to the list that the ride is cancelled.

Additionally all cancellations will be uniform, making it easier to identify a cancelled ride.

If you need to postpone a ride to another date, please cancel the ride as described above and then enter the new ride. To save time entering the new ride, you can edit the existing ride but you MUST choose "save as new" under "save choice" at the end of the edit.

To postpone a ride to later time on the same date, it is a multi-step process.

  1. Select Edit Ride.
  2. Modify the name of the Ride by adding CANCELLED or POSTPONED UNTIL ____ at the beginning so that it will be the first thing people see when they view the listing.
  3. If the weather is iffy the day before, and the ride leader intends to make a call on canceling the ride the morning of the ride, s/he can add a note such as "Will make call at 8:00 AM if the ride is cancelled".
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Send a message to the list about the postponement.
on Friday April 07
When you submit or edit a ride, you will have the option to allow preregistration for that ride or not allow preregistration. Near the bottom of the form is a checkbox. Checking that checkbox is your way to indicate that you wish to allow preregistration. Once the checkbox is checked, boxes to enter a date and time will appear. This date and time is the deadline date and time that you are willing to allow people to preregister for this ride. (You want to stop preregistration with enough time before the ride to allow yourself time to print the sign-in sheet.) Once the deadline passes, people will no longer be able to preregister for the ride. When preregistration is allowed, there will be a link on the ride’s listing that people can use to preregister for that ride. That link will go away after the deadline is passed. Prior to the ride, the ride leader will have another link allowing them to print a sign-in sheet containing the names and contact information of the preregistered riders with additional space for other riders. Note: Ride leaders will have to be logged in to be able to see this link. Send comments and suggestions to the webmaster.
on Friday April 07

After you lead a ride you have the option to upload a copy of completed sign-in sheet.

Using a scanner or phone app make a digital copy of filled out sign-in sheet.

Upload button will appear on ride calendar the day after the ride. Clicking the button takes you the the sign-in upload page where each ride leader is able to upload a sign-in sheet for the ride listed. The upload must be in pdf format. After upload is complete the icon on the ride calendar will change to pdf file icon for downloading. 

Recommended Legal Scanning Recommendations settings for scanned PDF document.

When scaning a completed Sign-In sheet please use the following setting if available. 

1. 300 dpi Scanning Resolution
A scan at 600 dpi results in a much larger file than at 300 dpi.
2. Black and White Color Space
Color and grayscale files result in much larger files than black and white files.
3. JBIG2 Lossy Compression or Smallest File Setting available
Raw scan data can be compressed to make it smaller.
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