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A ride event is not an ordinary bike ride but rather an event is typically a day-long or several days event such as the Scenic Schuylkill Century or the Covered Bridges Ride. Bcp members may submit ride events using this form. Other clubs or organizations can list ride events on the event page at no charge. These are listed as a courtesy, but are NOT BCP-sponsored events. Please, non-profit biking and similar events only. To see the 12 month listing of events click on the link below. If you are a member of BCP and are logged in then the event you submit will be listed, the next time you open or refresh the events listing page. If you are not a member of BCP then the event must be okayed before it will be listed.If you need help or have questions about listing an event, please contact our Events Coordinator.

Click Here to view a 12 month ride event calendar

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