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ID: 110

Devon B Ramble - Narberth and Bryn Mawr

February B Ramble ride of the "Dozen to Devon" - 12 different routes from the Art Museum to Devon and back. In the aggregate they explore many of the good roads in that area. You can link up these roads to make a huge number of unique rides. These examples are all in the 42-45 mile range, have some hills, and have been used in B Rambles. They can be done at an A, B, or C pace. There is a URL on each cue that you can use to see an interactive map of the route.

  • Author: Jim Laurino
  • Created: 2007-02-04
  • Distance: 41.00 m
  • Terrain: Some Hills
  • Altitude Gain: 475.00 f
  • Area: out main line, return bike path
  • Start: Art Museum (Phila.) Italian Fountain by Art Museum
  • Finish: Italian Fountain by Art Museum

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