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"BML stands for Bryn Mawr Local which is a fast paced training ride the club does every Thursday night from the beginning of Day Light Savings Time to the 3rd or 4th week of September. It begins at the Italian Fountain. It was developed over time by different leaders, a slight variation in route from a Wednesday night ride which has been done as long as I have been in the club (over ten years). The route is similar to one ridden on weekends by C riders. It is about 30 miles long in the version ridden May through August. Terrain is 15 miles of hills on theway out followed by a flat return except for one abrupt climb and some rollers, before dropping back into Manayunk and Kelly Drive for a furious pace line home. In April and September, the route is about 22 miles, the first twelve of which are hilly. "

  • Author: Unknown submitted by Jeff Bake
  • Created: 2000-09-27
  • Distance: 30.00 m
  • Terrain: unknown
  • Altitude Gain: 0.00 f
  • Area: Philadelphia and Montgomery
  • Start: Art Museum (Phila.) Italian Fountain, behind the Art Museum
  • Finish: Italian Fountain, behind the Art Museum

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