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BCP offers recurring weekly rides. Below is a general description of the recurring weekly rides, with pace, mileage, starting time, location, and organizer. The weekly rides are also listed by date in the Daily Ride Calendar which you should check for specific ride leaders and any additional information on the ride. Information about starting locations is available on our Ride Guide page which is found under the rides menu item.

There are two different listings of the recurring weekly rides available on this page. The normal view gives a listing of the recurring weekly rides that are active for one month and you are able to move back and forth from month to month to view the weekly rides that were active in different months. Initially one is viewing the current month. The other view that is available on this page shows all the recurring weekly rides that were listed for the last year and those planned for the future.

Month by Month Listing The Full Year List

 March 2020 

    There are no rides to display for the current month.

    March, 2020