Bike to the Shore

Credit: this one's all mine. Maps: Camden County, Burlington County, and Southern NJ maps.
over BF bridge to Camden (see Northern Camden County Ride)
work your way east and south to get going south on 7th/Haddon Ave
go under big bridge (676)
L Pine
go wrong way on road near school
L Park Blvd at corner
X Baird
L Kaighn
X Cooper river, take 1st R (N Park)
follow N Park about 3 miles
go S onto bike path when road takes sharp L;
   when parking lot comes close to bike path,
   turn L, cross parking lot to road, R road (N Park again)
stay on N Park until it ends (a few more miles)
R at T Caldwell
L at T Borton Mill
R at T Pearlcroft
L at T Kressson
X 295, X NJ Turnpike
1st R Browning
L at T Woodleigh
Woodleigh bec Astor
L at T Morris
R at T 673
L Evesham Rd (big intersection)
R Cooper Rd after about a mile
stay on Cooper 'til it ends (about 5 miles)
R at T Taunton Rd
L Jackson (1st big L)
(go R on Jackson for food/bathroom, then go back)
R Cooper Rd (at Getty -- food here also)
L just before RR tracks (Raritan)
X Atco
R Bartram (a couple blocks after Atco)
1st L 716 Old White Horse Pike
BL 536 Chew Rd (after about 3 miles)
R at T 206
1st L 613 (very soon after last turn)
R at T 30
1st L 54 (take jughandle)
L 561 (Moss Mill Rd or Egg Harbor Rd)
BL 561 alt (after about 7 miles)
take 561 alt all the way to the end (12 mi?)
near Leeds Pt (?) BL tso 561 alt
follow road as it curves L, take dirt road
   to boat launch, see Brigantine Wildlife Refuge
   reverse to 561 alt east
BR tso 561 alt east
stop at Smithville bakery for water & food
X 9
R 634 Pitney Rd
L 624 (Clarks Ferry Rd) after couple miles
R 563 N (after ~6 miles on 624)
follow 563 a long ways, X Mullica R
continue to stay on 563 thru various curves
L 532 (about 15 miles from river)
follow 532 a long ways, thru various turns
x 206 (after being on 532 about 12 miles)
BR Dixontown (about 3 miles after crossing 206)
BR 541 N
S at circle (X 70)
L 616 = Church (< 1 mile after crossing 70)
L at T, then QR then QR, end up on 607
X 38
L 537 (at light, soon after crossing 38)
stay on 537 towards Camden
as you enter Camden, follow big green signs for Federal St
  (involves a BR, a big loop, a R)
L at T at traffic light
enter Camden
back over bridge to Philly