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Why do I need a password?
Each member of BCP has an individual login and password at the website which is necessary for the member to:
1. Submit a ride, event or biking link directly to the website.
2. View the Quick Release Newsletter on-line.
3. View the Membership Directory.
4. Pay your annual dues on-line.

How do I log in?
You can use the site without logging in but when you want to log in, the link to do so can be found in the upper right of the screen and it says "Log in now!" On the login screen that appears when you select that link, you enter your email address in one box and your password in the other box and then click the login button.

How do I get a password?
Each member should have received an email or letter (for those who do not have email) that informed you of your user name and password. Your user name is your current email address. If you do not have email, you were assigned a user name. Each member received an original password that was unique.

What should I do if I did not receive a password?
If you did not get an email from us announcing the new web site and informing you of your password, we may not have your current email address in our records. First, try logging in using your email address and a password gotten using the "forgot my password" link. If that does not work, try sending an email to from your current email address. Please be patient in waiting for a reply. Remember there are over 1,000 members but only one Webmaster and he is also a volunteer.

Can I change my password?
Yes. It's very easy. Once you have logged in to the site, there should be a link at the top right of the screen that says "Change password" which when selected allows you to change your password. We recommend that you change the original password that you receive from BCP and make it one that you will remember.

What should I do if I forget my password?
Just go to the "Members Only" menu and click "Forgotten Password" and your password will be reset and sent to you in an email.

What should I do if I change my email address?
If you change your email address, you should log in using your old email address and then you can use the "Edit Profile" feature to change your email address in the database (After you log in, there is a link "Control Panel" which provides three options. One of them- edit profile- allows you to modify your email address). The next time you log in, you should be able to use the new email address.

Link to the Home Page
Link to the Login Page