Fight Theft: Register Your Bike!

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BCP recommends registering your bikes with the 529 Garage Project. To help reduce both bike theft and increase the number of bike owners who are reunited with their bicycles.

 Why Register My Bike? Every year many stolen bicycles are recovered by the police, but cannot be returned because the police can't find the rightful owners. Don't let this happen to you. Register your bike's make, model & serial number along with your personal contact information. This data will be stored in the 529 project database; participating university, city and county police departments can search it.

Where's My Serial Number? It is embossed or stamped on the frame, usually on the underside of the bottom bracket (or on the downtube near the bottom bracket). If you have a composite frame, it may be stamped on a metal frame component, such as the rear drop-out.

What If I Can't Find My Serial Number? The paperwork (receipt, owner's manual) that came with your bike should include the serial number.


Info about the Bike Registry

Registration Form


For added protection, write your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address on a 3 x 5 card. Put the card in a clear plastic bag, roll it up, and insert it into your seat tube. Police will look there.